I started building sculpted chairs in the early 1980"s,
they are very, very comfortable even though they have
no padding, they offer excellent lumbar support.               
CUSTOM SIZING  for people who just cannot find
the right size. Dining room chair sets are also available.
Benches and triple wide chairs as well.
All chairs are available with or without arms, in a wide
variety  of  domestic and exotics hardwoods.
Chairs that are for sale have prices noted .                     
Also see our
for sale page for more information          
Phone 805- 481-6340 or
# 1 Walnut  Rocker 1982
# 2  Cherry Rocker  1983
# 5 African Mahogany 2010
# 8 Illinois Black
# 9 California Walnut /
African Mahogany seat 2012
# 7 California Walnut / California
Spalted Maple seat
# 3  Walnut / Spalted Maple seat  2009
# 6 African Mahogany / Spalted
Maple seat  2011
# 4 Reclaimed Walnut  2009
Walnut dining Chair 2008
Cherry Dining Chairs  1981
# 14 Curly Maple / Walnut
Walnut/ Maple/Tractor seat stools
Laminated front foot
Spalted Maple seat
Curly Maple seat
Crest spline
Smithsonian replica
Burled walnut arm/
Mohagany seat
Low back dining chairs